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100 Fantasy Prompts to Conquer Writer’s Block

100 Fantasy Prompts to Conquer Writer’s Block

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What’s inside this book?

100 fantasy writing prompts AND techniques to beat writer’s block.

With over 10 books published in under two years, loads of short stories, flash fictions, blogs, and more, I’ve used these techniques to battle writer’s block and win the war.

You can, too!

Use this book to inspire your creativity, fight writer’s block with my time-tested methods, and continue your writing journey.

What prompts will you find?

Creative prompts! Not just prompts, questions to give your mind a boost. For example:

A school shuts down due to invasive pixies. You walk through the front doors.

Are you there to help?
What do the pixies look like?
What are they doing?
How do you interact with them?

Grab this book today and beat writer’s block!