Self-Publishing Websites for Authors

Self-Publishing Websites for Authors

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What’s in Self-Publishing Websites?

Over the time I’ve been self-published, indie authors have asked me the same questions. What do I need on my website? What pages should there be? What am I missing with my website?

It happened so often, I decided to write this book to answer their questions.

What do you get?

Recommendations for building a successful website. I include descriptions, links, the occasional joke about a minion, and some personal experience. You won’t find how-to guides in this book. You’ll read about the tools, techniques, and be given recommendations on implementing them.

Since I’m self-published, this book focuses on my experience launching and selling my own books, while being a freelance digital marketer and web developer for over 10 years with more than 15 in the digital industry.

Grab this book and build a website meant for success.

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