Revenge of the Brownie : A Fae Awakening Story

Revenge of the Brownie : A Fae Awakening Story

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“I may look like a teddy bear, but I’m no teddy bear.” Twirling her blades, she said, “Let’s see what your insides look like, honey.”

Jake struggles through his life filled with violent monsters, but he never expected his closet to hide one, to conceal a creature from the myths of the past.

Trying to determine which monster he should fear, Jake will spark an unlikely friendship with one named Bonnie before finding himself thrown into a conflict between her and another hidden in plain sight. The real danger kidnaps Jake’s family and his friend, Amy, with intentions known only to the monsters of the world.

Can Bonnie save Jake and Amy before time runs out, or will a vendetta destroy those she now protects?

Find out in Revenge of the Brownie, a story in The Fae Awakening universe.

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