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Many Can Die or Few : Awaken Your Intuition

Many Can Die or Few : Awaken Your Intuition

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Lady Death stressed, “Much death is coming. War, pestilence, earth changes… Many can die or few.”

Those words etched themselves into my skull as I worked with a death goddess to experience death, heal animals, rebuild forests, and reincarnate lost souls. Our spiritual work delved into the meaning of those words, simple at face value but more complex than I could imagine. We are building an “army” in her words—an army of knowledge, wisdom, patience, and tolerance—a spiritual army.

Journey into the world of death work. Learn the teachings from a village in the Congo, Lady Death, and her superior, Mother Death. What is death? Where is death? How is it out of balance in this world? How can we help?

Take up a spiritual journey. Fight death on the individual level. Join the armies of Cerrai and Lady Death to raise the world in love, light, and life. Help us balance the scales to usher in a new age of natural balance.

Death plagues our world. Which side will you take?

Life or death?